1. THE Trust Property shall be held upon trust for the purposes of physical and mental training and recreation and social moral and intellectual development through the medium of reading and recreation rooms library lectures classes recreations and similar activities as may be found expedient for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Burton (including Dalton and Clawthorpe) in the County of Cumbria (hereafter called "the said Parish") and its immediate vicinity without distinction of sex or of political religious or other opinions subject to the provision of these presents

2. THE general management and control of the Trust Property and the arrangements for its use shall be vested in a Committee of Management (hereinafter called "the Committee") consisting of not more than Twenty Nine Members (exclusive of Members coopted under the power hereinafter contained) of whom Fifteen shall be elected at each Election of Members at the Annual General Meeting. The Fourteen organisations mentioned in the Schedule hereto shall each have the right to appoint one Member of the Committee both in the first instance and on the occasion of each Annual Appointment of Members. In addition to the Members of the Committee appointed and elected as above the Committee shall have the power to co-opt not more than Four Members to represent interests in the said Parish not represented by any organisation

3. THERE shall be an Annual General Meeting to be convened by the Committee in the month of May in each year by one month's notice to be affixed to some conspicuous part of the Trust Property or other conspicuous place or places in the said Parish of the inhabitants of the age of Eighteen years or upwards of either sex for the purpose of receiving the Report and Accounts of the Committee and for accepting the resignations of Members of the Committee and for the purpose of electing Fifteen Members under Clause 2 hereof and for taking such action as it may decide under Clause 7 hereof provided. If in any year an Annual General Meeting shall not be convened and held in the month of May the Annual General Meeting for that year shall be held as soon as practicable after the month of May

4. THE Committee shall have power by a Resolution of the Committee passed at Meeting at which not less than two-thirds of all the Members of the Committee vote in favour of the Resolution to allow any existing organisation in the said Parish not mentioned in the Schedule hereto and any other organisation which may hereafter be formed in the said Parish having aims of a social recreational or educational character consistent with those upon which the Trust Property is held hereunder to appoint an additional Member of the Committee in the same manner as if such organisation had been mentioned in the Schedule hereto and for this purpose the total number of Members of the Committee as provided for in Clause 2 hereof may be increased

5. ALL Members of the Committee shall retire annually at the Annual General Meeting. Every organisation entitled to appoint a Member of the Committee to take the place of a Member retiring at the Annual General Meeting shall make the appointment at any time within one month before the Annual General Meeting at which the retiring Member of the Committee shall retire. A retiring Member is eligible for re-appointment or re-election 6. A casual vacancy arising from the death or resignation of an appointed Member of the Committee shall be filled by the organisation by which such Member shall have beenappointed and the person so appointed shall retire at the time when the vacating Member would have retired. In the event of a vacancy arising through the death resignation or removal of a Member of the Committee elected by the Annual General Meeting the Committee shall have power to fill such vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting

7. IF any organisation entitled to appoint a Member of the Committee ceases to exist or fails to make an appointment in manner aforesaid before the Annual General Meeting in any year the Annual General Meeting shall decide in what way if at all the vacancy shall be filled

8. THE proceedings of the Committee shall not be invalidated by any vacancy among its Members or by any defect in the appointment or qualification of any Member

9. THE Committee may from time to time make and alter Rules for the conduct of its business and for the summoning conduct and recording in a Minute Book of its Meetings and in particular with reference to:
(a) The terms and conditions upon which the Trust Property may be used for entertainments meetings social gatherings and other purposes and the sum (if any) to be paid for such use
(b) The appointment of a Treasurer and such other unpaid officers as it may consider necessary and the fixing of their respective terms of office
(c) The engagement and dismissal of such paid officers and servants for the Trust Property as it may consider necessary
(d) The number of Members who shall form a quorum at its Meetings shall never be less than a third of the total number of Members of the Committee of whom the majority present must be elected members

10. ALL payments in respect of the use of the Trust Property and all donations for the benefit thereof shall be paid into a Trust Account at the Barclays Bank at Carnforth or at such other Bank as shall from time to time be substituted by the Committee any such substitution to be endorsed upon this Trust Deed with a copy of the Resolution relating thereto

11. THE moneys standing to the credit of the said Account shall be applied as the Committee shall decide in maintaining repairing and insuring the Trust Property or the furniture and effects thereof and in paying rent rates taxes salaries wages and other outgoings and in providing furniture equipment games books newspapers periodicals and other literature and means of recreation and others for the maintenance and improvement of the Trust Property

12. The Committee shall provide the Trustees with sufficient funds to meet all such expenditure in connection with the Trust Property as the Trustees may be liable for and shall keep the Trustees indemnified against all liability in respect thereof

13. IF any Rules made under the power in that behalf hereinbefore contained are inconsistent with the provisions of these presents the latter shall prevail

THE SCHEDULE hereinbefore mentioned
Burton Parish Council
Burton Parochial Church Council
Burton Women's Institute
Burton Youth Club
Burton Indoor Bowling Club
Burton Tennis Club
Burton Amateur Dramatic Society
Burton Pre-school
Burton Rainbows Brownies & Guides
Burton Table Tennis
Burton Ladies Badminton
Burton-in-Kendal Art & Craft Society
Holme & District Local History Society
Burton Bridge Club

THIS CONSTITUTION was amended at a Meeting of the Members of the Burton Memorial Hall and Institute held this Twenty Ninth day of May Two thousand and twelve

SIGNED by the Chairman and Secretary
Nicola Little, Chairman
Helen Dawson, Secretary

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