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Burton Memorial Hall new doors August 2021

New doors for the Memorial Hall

On 3rd and 4th of August, 2021, our new white uPVC double-glazed entrance doors were installed, replacing the tired, old, single-glazed wooden doors which let in the draughts and ran with condensation every winter. 

The work was done by D.J. Glazing Ltd. of Kendal, who have replaced the difficult double doors with a wider single one, to make access easier for anyone with a wheelchair or baby buggy.

The lower panels are solid to help retain the heat, whilst the upper panels are glazed to allow good visibility and light in the entrance lobbies.

Our grateful thanks go to The Hadfield Trust for their generous grant which helped to pay for the new doors, which will improve security, accessibility and comfort for users of the Hall. 


Burton Memorial Hall private car park notice

Use of the Hall's Car Park

We would like to remind residents and visitors that the Memorial Hall car park is for the use of people who have booked the Memorial Hall for a function or event. It’s unfair on them if they arrive to find insufficient space in the car park because it is already full of vehicles belonging to people not attending an event at the Hall.

We don’t mind people parking in the Memorial Hall car park for short period (i.e. up to 20 minutes) whilst they pop into the Village Store or deliver/collect children to/from school, but we do not want to see the car park occupied regularly as general residents' or visitors' parking during the time the Hall is open for use. 

Please be considerate of others. Don’t use the car park when it is needed for a booking or an event. If hirers cannot park when they arrive then they will stop booking the Hall, which will put its future for all users at risk.

If you run a B&B, rent out a holiday cottage, or are selling your home, please explain to your guests or potential buyers that the Memorial Hall car park is a private car park and not for their general use.


We gratefully acknowledge grants from the following supporters