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Room Capacities and Sizes

In accordance with the requirements of our Premises Licence and Fire Regulations, set out below are the maximum number of persons who may occupy the Hall and the limits for each Room within it.


MAIN HALL 18m x 9m (162m2) Three double door exits
• Dancing only, no tables or chairs: 150 persons 
• Seated at tables, no dance floor: 100 persons, 16 large tables max.
• Seated at tables, with dance floor: 80 persons, 12 large tables max.
• Closely seated theatre style, three aisles: 120 persons
• Horseshoe seated with 5m catwalk: 80 persons
• Seated at tables, ceilidh layout with dance floor: 70 persons

RECEPTION ROOM 9m x 6.60m (59.4m2) One double door exit
• Closely seated theatre style: 50 persons
• Seated at tables: 40 persons, 10 small or 6 large tables max.

CLUB ROOM 7.25m x 4.75m (34.4m2) One single door exit
• Closely seated theatre style: 30 persons
• Seated at tables: 24 persons, 6 small or 4 large tables max.

* MEETING ROOM 5.5m x 3.2m (17.6 sq m) One single door exit
• Closely seated theatre style: 20 persons
• Seated at tables: 16 persons, 4 small or 2 large tables max.

* N.B. The Meeting Room is unavailable during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Any questions about room capacities should be addressed to the Management Committee via the Contact Us link in the menu.